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The insulation of a room with an interior cladding, proposed by the Guide Leroy Merlin 2016, is an opportunity to achieve spot lighting and add a TV screen. Discrete and efficient installations that integrate perfectly with the whole.
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Light and flat screen in the room

Install a TV screen

The TV is embedded in the cladding. The electrical wires and the antenna are hidden in an adjacent hatch and the flat screen is flush with the surface of the battens.

Isolate the chamber: electrical installations: screen

Embed the television
When installing the cladding, a space is provided to accommodate a flat screen. The socket and the electrical and multimedia cables, are accessible by an access hatch made with the falling wood blades. Against the insulation, vertically, install and fix a support board with brackets. Located between two vertical chevrons, this board supports the television. Screw the TV set + mounting bracket to the support board.
A screen at the right size
Between 3.5 and 4m distance, choose a screen between 46 and 55 cm in diameter. Expect an exit from his frontal.
Determine the type of fastening using the VESA standard. To position the screen correctly, place its center line at the user's gaze. Adapt according to the position of the latter, sitting or lying down.

Connect the electrical circuits

Isolate the chamber: electrical installations: installations

In the room, plan the locations of switches and outlets according to the layout. They must be sufficient in number, without exceeding 8 points of use per circuit.
There are many types of switches: back and forth, push, dimmer... The laying rules are the same for all: 110 cm above the finished floor (15 cm above the worktop).
Regarding the plugs remember that a double plug on an installation point account for a single take.
Electrical connections
Feed the multimedia cables and the power supply into the electrical conduits. Installed between the insulation layer and the cladding, these ducts are equipped with wire pullers. The socket is fixed to the wood frame.
Install the spots in the places provided in the cladding. Connect the first spot to the general power supply. Connect the following spots in series.

Healing the reception of the antenna

Isolate the chamber: electrical installations: cladding

To ensure a good reception on the television, several solutions:
- Install a terrestrial or satellite antenna amplifier
Effective for one or more screens, it increases the reception power, and therefore the signal.
- Group two antennas
Use a coupler to increase the signal strength on the TV.
Another rule to reduce wastage, avoid dissipating the signal with adapters, taps and other connections.

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