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What wall insulation do you recommend for a house with 1 meter thick stone wall to be on top?
For laminate flooring to be installed on a slab do you need insulation between the boards and the concrete?

Stone is not a good insulating material. It will therefore require a good complement with a strong thermal resistance. You do not specify your residential area which goes into the calculation of the thickness of insulation. To comply with RT 2012 the R must be greater than or equal to 4 (the ideal being 5). do not forget that wall insulation with sieve windows is not very useful... Also think about the insulation of the attic and the floor which are essential. Have a heat balance done. Allow at least 15 cm of lambda 32 insulation on a gypsum board facing. If the walls are regular, you can opt for laying glued composite panels from Placo. Consider also the solution of the external insulation, very powerful.
A laminate coating is installed on a sub-layer, you can refer to our sheets dedicated to the installation of floating floors clipped from Castorama or the floating installation of laminate flooring.

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