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I rent an apartment that has, since 2007, a washing machine installed next to the bath with plug 90 cm from it. This installation was never a problem when the inventory made at the arrival of my tenant, who gave his dedication and when pre-inventory last week I am asked to remove this opportunity to put a washing machine. Is there any insulating material that I could use to put this machine "in a cage" work plan on and bath side ??? I was thinking of wood.

The regulatory solution (enacted by standard NF C 15-100) in a bathroom is implement a partition with a minimum height 2.20 m, between the bath and the washing machine. This partition must be made of a waterproof material and durably insensitive to water. The wood may be suitable provided it is covered with a quality paint. There are also thin wood cement boards, fiber reinforced cement boards. One can also imagine to mount a partition in water-repellent plasterboard or cellular concrete, both materials being available in thicknesses of 5 and 7 cm. Of course the plug must allow a connection to the ground.

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