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The dovetail assembly becomes child's play with this milling template, a useful add-on for your router.

template for dovetails


Maker: Wolfcraft
Reference: 4270000
Composition of the kit: 2 support brackets with clamps, 1 jig with teeth and a guide plate for ripper.
Presentation: in plastic storage case.
Accessories sold separately: HSS dovetail cutter Ø 14,3mm and straight end mill HSS Ø 10mm.
Price generally found: 84,90 € the kit, 24,90 € the strawberry with dovetail and 23,90 € the strawberry with straight tenons.


What uses?
With traditional tools, the machining of the trapezoidal notches of the dovetails requires a certain know-how: (tracing, cutting...). With a specific template (or comb) such as the one presented here associated with a ripper, this work becomes quite affordable. Especially since this template allows to machine dovetail (tenons with rounded edges) as well as series of straight tenons.
The two aluminum plates are responsible for receiving and blocking the boards, two by two: a vertical and a horizontal. Clamps are provided. A sort of comb whose teeth will be used to guide the milling cutter during machining, the template is fixed on the board above. On most existing models, it is the copying ring added to the sole of the router that comes directly into contact with the teeth of the comb. Here, you must equip your router with the specific sole supplied with the template, which fits all ripper models.
In use
The setting up of the plates and the blocking of the boards are very simple. Depending on the router model, add the specific soleplate or disassemble the plastic soleplate already in place to replace it with the supplied accessory. A centering pin ensures the correct positioning of the outsole before tightening. You place the soleplate on the template by placing the cutter in the starting slot and start the engine before moving forward following the teeth.


  • Machining precision
  • Quality of the assembly
  • Possible uprights

The lessers

  • Vacuum connection stops against tightening

Our opinion

The realization of a drawer of quality is within the reach of a beginner. Admittedly, you have to invest nearly 110 € with the strawberry, but the results are really rewarding.

Attack and work without forcing

Attack and work without forcing

The attack in the wood is done directly, over the whole depth of the strawberry. You must therefore work without forcing, just by guiding the tool.

Example of a drawer assembly

Example of a drawer assembly

The horizontal board corresponds to the future front of the drawer (facing side facing table) and the vertical board to one of the sides.

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