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The battery-powered portable battery is expanding. After the drill-drivers, comes the turn of the jigsaw. This model offers cutting capabilities worthy of a quality wired model, but wireless to the paw! A freedom that is paid at a high price.

Makita BJV 180 Jigsaw


Maker: Makita
Reference: BJV 180
Nominal voltage: 18 volts, 3.0 Ah lithium ion battery
Number of races / min: 0/2 600
Pendulum movement: 3 positions
Stroke length: 26 mm
Max cutting capacity: wood 135 mm, mild steel 10 mm, aluminum 20 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Supplied accessories: carrying case with second battery, charger, additional anti-scratch sole, anti-glare device, suction connection and six blades
Sound level: 81 dB (A)
Price generally found: 699 euros (eco-tax included and excluding special offers)

Practical and technical aspects

Getting started
At first contact, the jigsaw offers a good grip, with its various rubberized sheaths distributed around the handle and on the front of the device. As the set weighs a lot, we quickly understand that the trigger lock button is not there by chance. Indeed, the only weight of the machine is enough to make you press the control during the manipulations. The tool is well made, the replacement of the battery is done without embarrassment after pressing the lock button. The 18-volt lithium-ion battery is particularly light compared to the usual Ni-Cd batteries. Without a separate speed setting, the trigger acts as an accelerator from 0 to 2,600 shots per minute..

For straight or scissor cuts, when precision and cutting quality are desired, the pendulum motion selector must remain in position 0 (example: cutting parquet strips). But for sharper sawn timber on structural pieces, you have three positions where the movement is more and more pronounced. The work is rude, but you gain speed.

Blade mounting is done without tools, simply by tilting the locking system during insertion of the blade base. In a slot in the soleplate, a hexagonal key is used to unlock the hexagonal screw which blocks the soleplate in the working position of your choice (90° cut or bias).
Our tests carried out in the wood (boards of parquet, agglo, thin plywood with fretwork, pieces of framework...), steel and aluminum profiles leave rather a good impression. The cladding of the handle limits the transmission of vibrations and efficiency is every time at the rendezvous. The light beam directed at the cut line is a small plus for work in dimly lit areas, and the ventilation system directs its blast toward the cut to drive the sawdust away.

Very light, both batteries use 18-volt lithium-ion batteries. The charger benefits from the latest technical developments, with cooling fan, control diodes, and communication between the battery and the charger by an electronic system.


  • Wireless offers complete freedom. No longer need an extension to go to the bottom of the garden or work on the frame.
  • The eighteen volts give the power and the sole provides good guidance.

The lessers

  • No complaints about the qualities of this wireless jigsaw. Only the initial investment ranks it in the category of professional equipment, solid, efficient but of high cost for the amateur.

Our opinion

An efficient and well-designed machine, powered by lithium ion batteries of excellent durability. The good balance compensates for the weight of the set and it is nice to be released from the usual wired link. Rest the price...

Blade replacement

Blade replacement

Replacing the blade is done without tools. Just toggle a kind of crown with the thumb while placing the tail of the blade. When relaxing, the attachment is automatic.

Cutting capacity and vibration

Cutting capacity and vibration

The maximum cutting capacity of 135 mm is largely sufficient for everyday needs. The different cladding of the handle dampens the usual vibrations of the cut.

Video Instruction: Makita BJV180 18v li-ion Jigsaw - a Toolstop REVIEW