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Reference: XTS 10 EK-QS
Suggested price: 89 euros
Engine power: 600 W
Speed ​​variator: Yes
Number of races: 800 at 3,200 c / min.
Max cutting depth: Wood: 65 mm Steel: 4 mm Aluminum: 10 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Equipment: Delivered with carrying case, suction fitting and three blades

Guarantee: 2 years standard + 1 year extension by simple registration on the brand's website
This information first appeared on System D magazine in 2005: products and prices may have changed since then.


Getting started: like many newer models, the blade assembly is done without tools, and the crankcase has the good idea to store three blades
at the store. The orientation of the pad is also done without the aid of tools, by locking a wheel. A lateral lever allows to engage the pendulum action (downwards) or to unlock the rotation of the blade (360°).This same lever ensures a blocking of blade in rectilinear cut: towards the front, towards the back or on one side... in all four positions.

Use: Despite measurements a little above the usual criteria and a significant weight, this machine is quite easy to handle, thanks to the ergonomic shape of its handle, with a non-slip coating. The classic cut, in the direction of travel, is quite precise and, with a thin scrolling blade, the sinuous cuts are facilitated by the 360 ​​° rotation system. The weight and the good surface of the cutting deck are rather an asset when working on a bench.

Notice: rather basic, with some tips for use and safety.


For a reasonable price, you have a fairly precise and versatile machine. Speed ​​adjustment, pendulum movement, complete rotation of the blade for
intricate cut-outs, 3.90 m power cable to work at ease... everything is there!


  • The weight quickly tires the user, if one works at arm's length and height. Without connection to the shop vacuum, sawing projects particles up to eye level. Maybe a fault of our only machine, but the shoe leaves black marks on the cutting surface.


This XT series from Black & Decker is aimed at satisfying the regular do-it-yourselfers. The machine plays the versatility and is effective for all work at bench height (embedded in a worktop, cuts parquet floor for the passage of pipes...). On the other hand, the weight does not make it a model of maneuverability if it is necessary to work with freehand and height (example: the work of frame).

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Video Instruction: Black&Decker KS900SK DEU