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Discreetly join wood with wood screws

Screwing is a stronger joining technique than nailing, a screw, because of its helical pitch having a much better hold in the wood than a simple nail. The location of the screw in the piece of wood is crucial and is often traced accurately. It is also a more discreet way of assembly when drowning the screw in the wood. The use of glue reinforces the assembly.

The screwing requires much more wood than nailing: the section of a screw is, with equal assembly, always larger than that of a nail and the thread cuts more seriously the wood itself than the shaft of a nail: hence the risk of bursting and cracking of the wood. They justify, more than with a tip (technical name of the nail), the realization of a pilot hole. The head of a screw, larger than that of a nail, can be embedded in the wood. This requires milling at the screw location. Screwdrivers and electric screwdrivers are the necessary tools for screwing. The blade or the screwdriver must have a size and a profile exactly corresponding to the footprint of the screw.

Discreetly join wood with wood screws

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Discreetly join wood with wood screws: discreetly

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