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It is far from the time of the Romans and that of the French Revolution where windows were taxable. Formerly an outward sign of wealth, windows are today an element of well-being and security. They open in all directions or are sometimes organized in windows. All the light!

Window joinery

Window joinery

The structure of a window and the types of opening

Whether it serves to ventilate or let in light, the window is composed of 2 frames, the one sleeping since fixed to the wall, the other opening or mobile. To these parts are added the simple glazing, often double and sometimes triple, the hinges or hinges, the opening system or cremone and the handles.

Most French-style windows are one or two leaves and open inwards with a vertical axis. Conversely, English windows open inwards. Very widespread, the tilt-and-turn window that opens vertically but also horizontally. This last position is less dangerous for young children and allows aeration discreetly.

In the same spirit, the bellows window opens inwards but only horizontally. She only kills herself. It is chosen for its safety and space saving. On the other hand, the windows with sliding doors leave a maximum of opening to give on a balcony on a terrace. On some so-called pocket models, the leaves disappear in the wall, a real sleight of hand.

The various carpentry materials

Wood always worth it. Living material, well maintained it has a lifespan of more than 30 years. It must of course be treated regularly against moisture and drying. Another advantage, in case of deterioration, it is possible to replace only a part. In addition, it is painted, dyed and varnishes according to taste.

PVC is spreading more and more. It has a high thermal insulation power and double glazing also isolates noise. Another plus and not the least, it is easy to install on a new construction. And in case of renovation, it can be applied without difficulty on an old wooden frame. The PVC window is weather-resistant, does not rust and is very affordable.

Aluminum, more expensive than PVC is often for designer interiors and large windows. It is currently treated to provide excellent thermal insulation, does not require maintenance and is elegant. It exists in many shades and sometimes appears bicolor: one color for the interior, another for the outside.

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