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I have tiled joints to do on an outdoor terrace. Is there a special technique to avoid greasing glue seal on the whole tile? Which material to use? How to remove the veil of cement that remains knowing that the tiles are anti-slip so rough?

Some tilers recommend soaking tiles in water for 72 hours before laying. The tile, so gorged water can be grouted in the usual way, the water forming a protective film. It is necessary to proceed by small surfaces and to clean the tiling as and when. Another solution to avoid dirtying the slabs, pour the mortar to join in a plastic bag which will cut a corner. This will provide a piping bag that will fill the same office as that used in pastry. So you can fill your joints accurately and without messing your tiling.

Note that there are commercially available specific products to remove the veil of cement, for example at LAPEYRE.

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