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The joists are beams that are placed under the wooden boards of a terrace to obtain a solid structure that will make the result harmonious. Discover the characteristics of the joists, the advantages and the different stages of the installation of these joists for wooden deck.

Lambourdes for wooden deck

Lambourdes for wooden deck

What are wood terrace joists?

On a wooden deck, it is common to install planks of wood, which resemble those used for floors. But it is better to install beforehand joists for wooden deck, because these joists come in the form of beams that go support wooden planks from the terrace and solidify thus the structure of the terrace.
They are therefore essential if you wish a resistant terrace that will not warp over time, weather and uses. It is also possible to make a double structure using the joists, under the wooden boards, which reinforces even more the structure of the wooden deck.

The advantages of wood terrace joists

Wood terrace joists have many advantages:

  • They solidify the structure from the terrace and extend its life;
  • You will find both wooden joists and composite wood joists, which allows you to better adapt the structure to the material of your terrace;
  • Composite wood joists withstand particularly well weathering and allow your deck to last longer, especially because composite wood can not rot, even when in contact with water repeatedly;
  • The composite wood joists are also safe from attacks of mushrooms and insects;
  • The joists do not require any particular maintenance;
  • The joists allow to install your terrace easily and quickly

Installation of joists for wooden deck

To install wooden deck joists, you will have to start with lay a concrete slab, ideally. When installing the joists, you will have to respect a space between each joists, as well as between the joists and the wall. Once the joists are installed, you will have to lay the wooden boards, screwing a blade on the first joist, then progressing progressively. Finally, you will have to clean the terrace to remove the dust, using products adapted to the material wood or composite wood.

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