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Geraniums are extremely common flowering plants, widely distributed in your gardens and on our balconies. But it is a plant also sensitive to cold, which does not support frost: discover how to keep and protect your geraniums in winter.

Keep and protect your geraniums in winter

Keep and protect your geraniums in winter

Why protect geraniums in winter?

Geranium is a plant that can not withstand frost, so it is unthinkable to leave them outside during the winter, because the first frosts would be right and he would not grow back the next spring. Indeed, the ideal temperature for a geranium to flourish between 10 and 15° Cso you have to consider wintering your geranium as soon as temperatures begin to be permanently below this temperature, between October and November depending on your region. Note that if you live in an area that is not exposed to frost, you can try a year not to protect your geraniums and wait to see if it regrows the next spring.

Keep and protect geraniums in bins and planters

If you grow geraniums in pots, pans or planters, you will start by bringing them to a cool, dry and bright place before the first frosts have taken place, and you will then cut the stems of two-thirds about. Note that from this point on, you can reduce the watering of your geraniums, or even stop watering them completely, especially during the colder winter months, usually December, January and February. From March, you can resume watering, gradually, before going outside with the arrival of spring. At this point, you will ideally repot, so that your geranium has more space and a richer land.

Keep and protect geraniums in the ground

If you grow your geraniums in the ground, in your garden, you will then plan to tear them completely before the arrival of the first frosts. Then you go cut the end of the roots and trim the branches by two-thirds. Store your geraniums in a cool and bright place, and replant them in the ground as soon as spring arrives, taking care to mix the soil with soil, richer, which will allow them to flourish in the best conditions after this period of wintering.

Video Instruction: How to keep your geraniums through the winter.