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In constant contact with water and limescale, faucets require precise gestures. For it to shine and bring us a steady stream, here are some tips that flow naturally.

Maintain the faucet of a sink

Maintain the faucet of a sink

Maintain a chrome faucet

Chrome or chromed metal is the most common material for faucets. For daily maintenance, just pass a damp microfiber cloth and scrapers are to be prohibited. When the faucet is very dirty, do not hesitate to use a cloth soaked in alcohol to burn. Then shine with a microfiber cloth.

If the faucet or faucet sounds dull, give it all its luster with an impregnated cloth of table oil. A brilliant solution if you polish chrome with a soft cloth. Another option is to use paraffin on a cloth and rub the chrome with a chamois or microfiber cloth.

When it comes to getting rid of the inevitable limestone stains, rub gently with a cloth moistened with hot water and juice lemon or white vinegar. You can also use baking soda. Dry and polish. If you want to fight rust, use a onion cut in half.

Maintain a faucet, special cases

Copper faucets are very popular for their retro grand palace effect. At the interview, they ask for special care. Unlike other materials they are subject to oxidation. To remove all traces, simply clean them with a mixture of coarse salt and lemon juice or vinegar White. If the stains are stubborn, insist with a cloth soaked in hot water.

For remove traces of limestone, stainless steel faucets are satisfied with soapy water. But do not forget to remove the unclogged particles with a dry cloth. For stubborn stains, vinegar or lemon are economical solutions.

When the filter of a faucet is clogged by limestone you have 2 solutions. Either let it soak in a solution of vinegar or lemon overnight and if clogged areas persist, scrub with a toothbrush. Either you change it immediately (about 4 €). When it comes to tartar deposited around a bung, use the same mixture, let it act and remove deposits with a toothbrush. When it comes to the area between the mixers and the faucet heads, do the same.

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