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Four tips to keep brushes "ready to paint" the time of the building site.

store the brushes during a construction site

Glycero and acrylic

protect your brushes

Wrap the brush with stretchable food film to protect the bristles from the air that causes the paint to harden.

Keep brushes ready: brushes ready

Roll up the aluminum foil around the brush.
This effective protection prevents the penetration of air.


store brushes during the work

Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle with a cutter.
Fill with water and hold the brush with a clothespin to save the hair.


brush and paint glycero

Soak the brush in a pot filled with salad oil.
A situation of waiting without risk to see the liquid evaporate.

Before repainting, wring the bristles of the brushes soaked in water, rinse with white spirit those immersed in the oil.

Video Instruction: Storing Your Brushes and Rollers Overnight