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The key lock is one of the most common and widespread locking systems. But even if we use it every day to go home, we do not really know that much about the famous lock. Small catch-up class...

The key lock

The key lock

Operating principle of a key lock

We can use it every day, we often ignore the operation of a key lock. But that's true: what makes that when we introduce our key in the lock, it opens?

The operation is actually very simple! A classic key lock has two elements: an element that does not move, the stator, and a movable member, the rotor. It is in the rotor that we will introduce and turn the key, causing the opening of the door.

But for the key to turn, it must pass the step "locking cylinder alignment". Explanation: Inside the lock are cut pins, the parts of which are not the same size.

When you put a key in a key lock, it goes push the pins into the rotor, thanks to springs. If it's the right key, the pins will line up with the break line of the rotor, unlocking the lock, and allowing the door to open.

If the key is not suitable for the lock, the pins will not be aligned. And when a pin blocks the break line, it's simple: the key does not turn!

Security lock and security

The key lock offers a basic level of security, lower than for a card lock or a code lock for example. Logic: a classic lock only offersa lock point on the door. In addition, counterfeit a key, it's quite simple.

To enhance the security of a key lock, two options are available to us:

  • We can opt for top key models. If the pin wrench is very easily reproduced, the radial pin wrench is much less so.
  • Or bet on reinforced key locks, like the 3-point lock that offers 3 different locking points on the door. Or the 5-point lock, which is a high security lock.

What price for a key lock?

We can find manual key locks from 10 €. But the price range is quite large, and depends mainly on the degree of security.

For a 3-point lock, it will be 120 € minimum, and 300 € for 5-point locks.

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