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Sometimes a faucet with stem is difficult to access: behind a piece of furniture, in a sump, or a small window lock too high placed, in short it is not easy to maneuver, to do this we can easily make a key, it is necessary:

copper tube of 16, a good length about 1 meter (1 end of 80 and 2 of 10 cm)
two soldering copper tees "130C" of 16 procedure:

One of the two Tees will be completely sawn in its right part, and on both sides, but a little lower than its axis. on the right-angle part, we weld (with tin it is largely sufficient) a length of straight tube +/- 80 cm at the other end of the tube, we weld the other tee, then on both ends, it is welded the end of the remaining tube but cut in two (2 ends of 10 cm) It is enough to spread slightly the split Té, if it does not want to be placed on the stem of the tap.

We can adapt the length of the tube and its diameter according to the work that we want to do with this key.

It will be soldered with tin to avoid weakening it by excessive annealing with a strong solder, especially on the split tee which will tend to open easily.

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