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Opportunity to move towards a high-end model, attractive price: buy a used oven can offer multiple benefits. But also disadvantages! Back on buying a used oven.

Advantages and disadvantages of a second-hand cooking oven

Main benefit to buying a used oven: the price, lower only for a new oven. As a result, since used cooking ovens are cheaper than new ovens, you can more easily turn to a brand or even a high-end model. For example, it will be easier for you to purchase a combination oven model with multiple options in the used market than in the new home market. Finally any used oven is not necessarily obsolete. It is possible to find ovens that have been little used.

Of the disadvantages, the first to mention is lack of guarantee. It is possible that when buying your oven from an individual, the warranty is still valid. But cases are rare. Result, in case of breakdown or hidden defect, it will be difficult for you to be refunded (unless the dealer accepts an expertise). On the other hand, it is always difficult to evaluate the quality of a used product. You will have to be vigilant when inspecting the equipment.
Finally a disadvantage that we rarely think about is the search time. While we are facing a wide selection of new ovens on the Internet and in stores, the second hand market is more restricted. Searches may take longer.

What should you check before buying a used oven?

The inspection of a used oven is essential before purchase, just like the tests. If the seller refuses, it's a bad sign.

On the other hand, during the inspection, it is recommended:

  • to learn about the model and on the mark. Also check the date of manufacture and release, the price on the new market, the possible problems of the model on forums, etc.
  • to learn about past use Oven: Was it used by a professional, and so every day, or by an amateur not very fond of cooking?
  • check the condition of the door and the insulation
  • to check the presence or not of brightness on the enamel of the walls, especially if it is a pyrolysis furnace or catalysis
  • if the oven is electric,
  • to check and test the entire control system
  • of check the resistances. Although they must be changed regularly, if they are slightly red it means that they will have to be changed faster than expected.
  • if the oven is available with the instructions for use, that proves that his dealer is careful!
  • as with any second-hand purchase, it is also about feeling and trust vis-à-vis the dealer.

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