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The trunnion assembly requires precise registration to match the housing of the ankles. The system usually used (tip sockets) is a little tedious. Faster, this guide avoids a long locating session.

wooden assembly kit

Presentation of the assembly kit

Marketed by Delabre, the kit includes a 36.5 cm long plastic guide with three sets of seven perforations, a ø 6 mm wood drill bit, an adjustable stop and a bag of thirty pre-glued pins. Before use, the stopper is installed on the bit, 22 mm away from the tip, and locked with a thin blade screwdriver.

Each perforation is identified by a letter (A, B...) which in principle makes it possible to reduce the number of trunnions according to the width of your board (example: a hole in A, C, E for 300 mm wide). But for common assemblies, it is best to drill all the holes to multiply the anchor points that will strengthen the connection.

This system is reserved for shelves not exceeding 20 mm thick. The guide fits on the edge or against the edge of a tablet. So wedged and held in one hand, it stays in place during drilling. In the middle of the panel, T-wedging appears effective at first, but the relative flexibility of the plastic may cause the guide to be slightly deflected. To reduce this risk, it suffices to start drilling the hole furthest from the "T" and to introduce a trunnion to act as a chocking pin.

The perforations fit perfectly to the wood drill provided and the depth stop performs well. On the other hand, for a good evacuation of the chips, it is necessary to leave the wick as soon as the abutment comes in contact with the guide then to plunge several times to evacuate them. If the plastic of the guide seems to resist the friction of the stopper, each insertion of the wick into the light should be done with care because the cutting edge of the tip can easily wear the plastic.

The pins delivered with the guide are pre-glued: just dip them in the water to ensure the bonding


  • For a low price (18 euros) we have a well thought out drilling guide, able to ensure the assembly of small achievements based tablets.
  • The location of holes on edge and edge of tablet is reduced to its simplest expression: just fit the guide!
  • A set of reducers makes it suitable for 18 mm thick shelves.

The lessers

  • The guide only works with tablets not exceeding 20 mm thick.
  • For full panel markings, the flexibility of the plastic must be compensated.
  • The nature of the guide (plastic) that it may be damaged during the introduction of the wick or at the end of drilling by the abutment remained too long in rotation.

Our opinion

A simple and efficient system for common assemblies of shelves of 18 or 20 mm, in 40 cm wide maximum.
The small flat for the holes in full panel can be compensated by the setting with a trunnion. With ø 6 mm trunnions, the reinforcement of a thin plate in the bottom of furniture is needed to build a library.

Drill on vocals

Use an assembly kit for trunnions

Singing is simple. Engage the guide thoroughly and pierce through the lights. To be at a good height, think of wedging the shelf between the trays of the workbench.

Link shelf angles with an assembly kit

For a corner connection, the two tablets are prepared according to the same principle.
Engage the guide on the edge and use the lights for the perforations.

Full panel guidance

Guide in full panel

In full panel, to prevent the relatively flexible guide (plastic) from shifting, start with the hole farthest from the "T" and immediately introduce a trunnion.

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