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Knowing that you have to sweep your chimney twice a year is one thing. Knowing how to sweep it properly is another. Fortunately, in terms of hardware, merchants have thought of everything and now offer for sale complete cleaning kits. Short description of the contents of these kits that simplify our lives.

Chimney sweeping kit

Chimney sweeping kit

Cleaning kit: hedgehog and canes

At the base of the sweeping kit, there is the hedgehog and canes.

The Hedgehogis the little round brush full of picks (hence its name!) used by chimney sweeps to clean the chimney flue.

For the material of the hedgehog, we have the choice between stainless steel, nylon, polypropylene or steel. The material of the hedgehog will obviously depend on that of the interior of our fireplace.

And so that this hedgehog can well remove the soot and encrusted deposits in the conduit, it must be connected to rods. Each sweeping kit contains several of them: fixed end to end, they form one. This makes it possible to modulate and adjust the size of the cane according to the height of its duct.

Hedgehog and canes: which sizes to choose? For optimum efficiency, the hedgehog should always be a little wider than the size of the duct. As for the total length of the cane, it is advisable to provide 2 extra meters in relation to the height of the duct, just to be able to ensure a good grip.

Average price of a sweeping kit: 30 €.

Sweeping kit: the other tools needed

The hedgehog is the rods, it is the b.a-ba of the sweeping kit. But if you want a 100% efficient sweeping, other tools are needed.

The hedgehog is not the only brush used by chimney sweeps to unclog a chimney. To better scrape the walls and have access to the most delicate places, we can also find in a sweeping kit other types of brush, such as:

  • "Classic" metal brushes are ideal for finishing: remove rust in a fireplace, remove tar deposits at the edge of the chimney...
  • The brushes and swabs are more specific handle brushes. Cylindrical in shape, they are really designed to clean up places and nooks impossible to reach with conventional brushes.

And for an efficient and clean sweeping, we will take care to buy also tarpaulins (to arrange around the chimney to collect the deposits and dust) and to have a vacuum cleaner at hand!

Video Instruction: TORNADO rotary chimney cleaning kit