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Essential tools for every self-respecting handyman! - Vichai

Practical, classic, useful or innovative, here are some gift ideas to offer to those of your loved ones who feel like a handyman.

Do you have do-it-yourselfers around you? For Christmas, you will be able to fill them with this DIY selection concocted for you by Handyman of the Sunday!

The great classics

To make sure you do not go wrong, why not try the all-in-one? There are tool kits and tool boxes all ready to fill your loved ones!

Drill, sand and grind

Make the magic of the electric fairy with this trio of trendy essentials: drill, grinder and sander will find their place in a toolbox worthy of the name. With a little luck you can even find a three-in-one model to satisfy every need. It will be left to you to determine if you prefer the model electric or with batteries, as well as the weight of the machine (if you intend to offer it to a handyman senior, it is to take into account).

Sander and sandpaper are also interesting gift ideas, depending on the work waiting for your handyman. Be aware that sandpaper grain size is a function of a numbered range.

Banging, chiseling, grasping

In the list of tools, the hammer occupies the place of honor. Whether his head allows you to pull nails - or just hammering metal - it is a must for every good handyman who respects himself. And for those who aspire to become, this is the first tool to offer them, just to drive the point. As for the articulated pliers, universal or multi-pliers, they constitute with the meters and the cutter an essential base to offer to a do-it-yourselfer. As well as the bubble levels, the brackets, strips of adhesive multi-supports will come to fill the boxes of tools of an indispensable base.

Screw, unscrew and screw

It would be necessary to be hammer to tinker without screwdriver. Light and eminently practical, it allows you to patch various objects, and to mount kit furniture etc. And if you want to tighten the screw to prevent your handyman relaxing on Sunday, why not offer him a set of screwdrivers of several sizes and a set of bits?

The nails finally, must not be neglected by Santa Claus. They are needed for almost any job that requires DIY.

Handicraft safely

The handyman must have his eyes in front of the holes he drills, so the purchase of a pair of glasses or a suitable mask will not be too much to complete the panoply. This will prevent projections and other dust come to annoy the handyman in his work. Similarly, a good pair of thick gloves will spare him splinters and small cuts.

Color, floor to ceiling

Just after the holidays, your uncle Eugene planned to repaint his house from top to bottom? Here is a godsend, his Christmas gift is all found: you just have to offer him all the paraphernalia of the amateur painter. Rollers, paintbrushes, spatulas, paint trays, spray guns will only wait for his artistic sensibility to exist.

Regarding the painting itself, it is better to make sure beforehand that the colors and colors are the taste of the uncle.

A nailer, manual or electric can also be useful in the life of a handyman. Think about it!

Saw, and only saw

This is a gift that you will not be slow to see at work, if only for cutting firewood for the cold weather ahead, or to design the decoration of New Year. Learn discreetly from your do-it-yourselfer to find out what type of saw is missing from their collection (wood saw, metal saw, circular saw, jigsaw... there are plenty of them.)

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