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In this article, discover the essential ingredients in the kitchen offered by the Outiz brand. - ALEAIMAGE

In a house, the kitchen is undeniably one of the key pieces. There is food and crockery and, among other things, there are many utensils and appliances. It must be both functional and well organized. Low and high furniture, sinks, small and large appliances, various and varied accessories... Here are the essentials of the elements that make up a modern and practical kitchen.

What furniture for the kitchen?

A kitchen has high furniture and low furniture. The first include various cupboards for storing many items, columns with glazed or unglazed doors or even furniture hoods perfect for storing (and, at the same time, hide) the microwave, for example. Low furniture includes under-sinks but also cabinets with drawers or corner cupboards with turnstiles attached. All of these items can be purchased separately. You can also choose to invest in a complete kitchen. Different models are thus available on the Outiz website.

Sinks and faucets: essential elements

A kitchen without a sink and faucets? It's simply unimaginable! How could one do the dishes (because everything does not go in the dishwasher) or wash fruits and vegetables without these two essential elements? There are three types of sinks: one, one and a half and two. The single-bowl sink is very common, especially in homes equipped with a dishwasher. However, some people prefer the double-bin version which offers more room for various tasks. The one-and-a-half sink is a good compromise between the other two models. On the faucets side, the mixers are on the rise. Finally, there are multiple accessories such as soap dispensers, jetbreakers or bungs.

Fridge, oven... Welcome to the household appliance department

Who says cooking also says small and big appliances. The microwave oven is very convenient for reheating dishes or defrosting bread. There are multiple models sold at prices up to more than 400 euros. The hobs can be gas or induction. The extractor hood, meanwhile, can evacuate fumes and vapors and thus reduce odors. There are many models of hoods with various designs. Some are suspended and other murals. If you dream of a dishwasher to spend less time unclog dishes, plates and more, know that it will allow you in addition to saving water. According to a study carried out in 2009, a washing in the dishwasher is equivalent to a consumption of a dozen liters of water against... 42 liters with a hand wash. Finally, the refrigerator is one of the major equipment unavoidable.

These little accessories that we could not do without

A kitchen, these are also multiple accessories as practical as they are useful and which facilitate everyday life. Among them, there is the essential trash but also various types of stools (folding or non-folding, bar, high...) or even PVC cutlery tray for better organized and tidy drawers. There are also paper towel rolls and storage bins.

A kitchen is an association of high and low furniture, appliances and accessories. Whatever you are looking for, Outiz offers a selection of kitchen items ranging from simple storage bins to complete kitchens, sinks and more. Go to Outiz to find your happiness in the kitchen section!

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