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When building my house I had the hood installed (Teka TG 90) by my plumber. He helped me out because I had not planned the editing in my project. I noticed this year (does this exist since the beginning, in 2007?) That in winter, the air passed at the level of the grid (I feel the cold) and this is accentuated when I put the hood on the way. I obviously lose heat. The hood is connected to a duct that is installed in the attic but is not connected to a door. I did not plan to use an activated carbon filter. Do you have any advice?

First, note that any kitchen hood must have an outlet in the open air. It should never lead to the attic! You should have opted for a recycling hood with activated carbon filter against odors. You must have the cover work done.

Make install a non-return valve in the hood duct. You can find these valves in all major DIY stores. Once fixed, this valve will prevent cold air from entering through the duct. It opens as soon as the hood is activated to let the sucked air out and closes automatically as soon as your hood is no longer used.

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