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Serious competitor of the L-shaped kitchen, the kitchen in parallel planes is ideal for small and medium-sized areas. Presentation of different kitchen designs in parallel plans, and their advantages.

Different kitchen designs in parallel plans

The kitchen in parallel planes consists of two furnished office spaces, of linear form, and face to face from each other, each attached to a wall. They are most often equipped with storage on the floor and height for a maximum optimization of the surface.

Among the kitchens in parallel planes, whether rectangular or square, there are different layout solutions, depending on the location of the openings:

  • With a central door, to which a window faces: each worktop is of identical size;
  • With a door adjoining a corner of the room: the worktop attached to the opening is shorter than the one facing it.

Regarding the configuration of the kitchen in parallel plans, two major trends are opposed. The first is to dedicate one of the plans to the equipment of household appliances (refrigerator, hob, sink...) and the other to the preparation of dishes and storage. The second is based on the principle of the activity triangle where the equipment is distributed over the two areas to facilitate travel according to the tasks to be performed. In this context, the hob and the sink are each on a different work surface.

Advantages and disadvantages of cooking in parallel plan

Apart from his ultra functional appearance, the kitchen in parallel plans is particularly adapted in terms space optimization. It makes it possible to have the maximum of equipment and storage, while facilitating the circulation and the realization of the movements in the room.

For example, it can suit any kitchen from 3.2m2 surface; the only prerogative being to have at least a space of 90 centimeters available between the two work plans, and on each side of this central space 60 centimeters for the plans. 150 cm minimum then enough on the other side to have the main equipment.

In addition, many kitchen models in parallel plans exist, more traditional to more contemporary, cooks have measured the extent of the needs of individuals with many small areas.

Nevertheless, the kitchen in parallel plans has a disadvantage. If the space is optimized to the maximum, it does not always allow to install a table and chairs to take the meals between the two work plans.

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