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The linear kitchen is the most appropriate kitchen model for small spaces. However, it is also the least functional model. However, there are many tips to improve the ergonomics of your kitchen, and make it more enjoyable everyday. Focus on linear cooking.

The linear kitchen

The linear kitchen

What is a linear kitchen?

The linear kitchen, or online, is organized on one side of the room, on the same wall. It is a cuisine generally long and not very wide. This layout is found in kitchens in the corridor, in length, or when the kitchen is open to the living room like in American kitchens.

This is the only cooking model where we do not speak of a triangle of activities since the various poles, namely cooking, water and conservation, are organized on the same block. We are talking about a flat triangle or simply a line.

Activity areas in the linear kitchen

All the elements being arranged on the same wall, the linear kitchen is not the most functional. To make traveling easier and more ergonomic, the linear kitchen is generally arranged in the same way:

  • The elements of the water area in the center, namely the sink and a possible dishwasher
  • The elements of cooking on one side of the sink, namely the oven, the hob and the microwave
  • The refrigerator on the other side of the sink
  • And storage all along the kitchen

Tips for expanding space in a linear kitchen

There are many tips to create more space or to give a sense of grandeur to the linear kitchen.

  • Multiply cupboards and storage so you can store appliances and other utensils right after use.
  • Arrange a credence along the length of the kitchen where you can have all your kitchen utensils.
  • To give an impression of grandeur, choose a model of clean kitchen. Promote clear patterns, and you can also add a mirror along the nearby wall.
  • Where possible, you can remove the wall or partition that faces the kitchen. This opens the kitchen to the living room, and enlarge the room giving you more freedom of movement.

If this is not possible, you can simply remove the door to create a little more space.

Video Instruction: How to install a Symphony Linear kitchen