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The semi-open kitchen with bar is really popular, and it is gaining ground in our homes. It must be said that this arrangement makes it possible to obtain a separation between the kitchen and the living room without causing a real break. Discover how to create a semi-open kitchen with bar.

A semi-open kitchen with bar

A semi-open kitchen with bar

The characteristics of a semi-open kitchen with bar

The semi-open kitchen with bar spreads more and more in our homes since a few years: it is a question of obtaining a kitchen which is not completely opened since the wall which constitutes the bar allows to benefit from a separation between the living room and the kitchen and thus to compartmentalize the various rooms.

But space is not totally closed either, since the opening remains above the bar.

So we get a result friendly, bright and practical in everyday life.

The advantages of the semi-open kitchen with bar

The advantages of the semi-open kitchen with bar are undeniable:

  • This allows to compartmentalize each room benefiting from an effective separation between the living room and the kitchen, while leaving an opening that allows to give the room this feeling of space and expansion;
  • This allows to maintain a certain brightness that would not be as optimal with a closed kitchen;
  • That makes the atmosphere more warm and friendly, especially when we receive guests and we must stay in the kitchen while the guests are at tables: it allows to continue the conversation and did not create a separation between the different users of each room;
  • Finally, the fact that the kitchen is semi-open with a bar allows you to have extra space for meals when there are few users, and to be able to place bar chairs, elegant and easy to store.

How to build a semi-open kitchen with bar?

The semi-open kitchen with bar can be declined in several styles of arrangement:

  • The U-shaped kitchen: it allows you to obtain a considerable space of storage, and you will be able to arrange the bar on one or the other side, according to the size and the possible arrangement in your kitchen. Just note that this form of cooking is generally more adequate in large kitchens than in smaller kitchens;
  • The L-shaped kitchen: it forms an angle, which means that your bar will also have to serve as a work plan, otherwise you will lose space. This style of cooking is already more suited to small kitchens;
  • The parallel cooking: With this form of cooking, you can imagine a side reserved for home appliances, and arrange the opposite side bar.

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