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The kitchen has become, over the years, one of the most important parts of the house. It is a place of exchange, conviviality, sharing and it is important to take care of its decoration to feel perfectly well. In the universe of kitchens, there are different styles of decoration. It's up to you to choose the one that will best meet your needs and that will adapt to your requirements in terms of functionality.

Astral kitchen taupe-gold

Astral kitchen taupe-gold

Open or closed kitchen?

Before choosing the style of your kitchen, ask yourself if you want an open or closed kitchen. Indeed, an open kitchen communicates directly with the rest of the house and is visible from the living room. It is therefore important to choose it in a style that will be in perfect harmony with the decoration of the latter. Avoid an open kitchen in rustic style with a stay in contemporary decor!

The different cooking styles

Each style of cuisine has a different atmosphere and distinct deco desires:

  • Contemporary cuisine or design: it is synonymous with technical innovations, clean lines and modernity. Ultra-trendy, it offers great freedom in the choice of materials and colors. Fall for stainless steel, brushed aluminum, clear glass or glossy lacquered surfaces. On the color side, opt for red, gray, yellow or an entirely white kitchen. Pastel colors are also very popular. Feel free to play the contrast of materials by combining lacquered furniture with a stone worktop or slate floor.
  • Classic cuisine: Wiser and more discreet, the classic cuisine creates a soft and elegant atmosphere. Its timeless style favors traditional materials such as varnished wood and sober colors such as brown, beige or off-white. The classic kitchen usually offers large storage spaces and large workspaces.
  • The rustic kitchenit is appreciated for its authentic and warm side. It is reminiscent of Provencal cuisines or the cuisines of our grandmothers. The rustic kitchen is characterized by a strong presence of wood with solid oak furniture. The decor is inspired by the style of yesteryear with wicker baskets, copper basins and stoneware pots. The floor and the worktop are terracotta or stone. The hobs are replaced by a cooking piano. Everything is studied to recall the style of the past.