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Between authenticity and modernity, the kitchen in solid oak is the one that offers the most possibilities in terms of style. It's up to you to choose which one is best for your interior and your interior design ideas. Discovery of kitchens in solid oak.

Solid oak kitchens

Solid oak kitchens

What do we call massive oak?

The term solid oak refers to the material used for the construction of kitchen furniture, veneers and kitchen doors. In a solid oak kitchen, all kitchen furniture is made from solid oak beams. Oak is one of the most used wood species in France for the construction of home and carpentry furniture. The reason? It is a wood of very good quality, durable, resistant, noble and character. From an aesthetic point of view, the essence of oak offers multiple variants of veining and hue that make all pieces made in this matter unique.

But be careful, that says massive oak does not necessarily mean natural. The kitchen furniture in solid oak can be painted, varnished, tinted, with lacquered finishes... giving you a great diversity of style.

Solid oak: for a kitchen of what style?

The advantage of solid oak is that it suits all styles. Installed in your kitchen, it will bring a rustic and authentic style or a more contemporary style depending on how it was worked (painted, stained, simply lacquered or varnished, etc.).

In any case, whether they are worked in an authentic style or more modern, the solid oak brings a warm and convivial atmosphere to the kitchen, centerpiece in terms of conviviality in the house.

Why opt for a solid oak kitchen?

Beyond its aesthetics and its authentic charm, solid oak in the kitchen is synonymous with:

  • ease of maintenanceWhether stained or simply coated with a coat of varnish, solid wood can be easily cleaned with a sponge and water.
  • of resistance in everyday life: resistance to moisture, heat, time... A solid oak kitchen is a robust and durable kitchen.

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