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Kitchen furniture, worktops and floors: laminate is a material that is used throughout the kitchen. The main reason? It is easy to live. Discovery.

Laminate kitchens

Laminate kitchens

What is a laminate kitchen?

Laminate is a material made from several layers of material, most commonly kraft paper, collected by a thermosetting resin. The layers of material are impregnated with resin and glued to each other by a pressure method under heat. The result is a panel a few millimeters thick: a coating used mainly for plating. It is found on the floor, the work plan or the kitchen furniture.

The term kitchen is often referred to as stratified melamine. Melamine is a material made from chipboard, thicker than laminate, also hot-glued. Many kitchen furniture is constructed from melamine, and finished with a sheet or thin laminate panel.

The laminate for aesthetics

The laminate is a real decorative element of the house, whether it is installed on the floor, the kitchen furniture or the worktop. Laminate panels are finished with so-called decor paper that allows a wide range of styles, colors, effects.

The laminate kitchen is available:

  • in several finishes: matte, satin or shiny
  • in smooth or structured to change the touch
  • in a multitude of shades and colors
  • in multiple decorations: the laminate can indeed take the appearance of wood, stainless steel, marble...

A laminate kitchen is therefore a personalized kitchen.

The plus and minus of the laminate kitchen

Installed in a kitchen, the laminate offers many advantages. Above all, it is an easy-care material that is scratch, UV and heat resistant. It offers great resistance, indispensable in a kitchen. All this for a price among the most affordable.

Disadvantage? The laminate may have manufacturing defects. Designed under heat, and pressure to prevent air bubbles, it is possible that the coating cracks or develops defects during the pressure process.

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