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Colorful or sober, elegant, design, modern or more classic... all styles are in lacquer! Focus on kitchens with lacquered furniture.

A beautiful red lacquered kitchen, modern and contemporary

A beautiful red lacquered kitchen, modern and contemporary

What is a lacquered kitchen?

We talk about lacquered kitchen when the surface of the facades of the kitchen furniture is sprayed with a lacquer, natural or synthetic resin. Lacquer is most frequently sprayed on MDF panels, namely in medium fiber. You can also find kitchen furniture in lacquered oak, lacquered polymer, or any other material used for the construction of kitchen furniture. The lacquer is sprayed in several layers, and is usually accompanied by layers of paint, hardener and varnish.

Lacquer has several objectives. The first? The aesthetics. It brings a high-end and elegant finish to the kitchen furniture. It also increases the strength of furniture. The more layers of lacquer, the stronger the material.

What are the characteristics of the lacquered kitchen?

Lacquered kitchen furniture is usually installed and established in modern and contemporary kitchens. Lacquer brings a touch of design, and a high quality appearance with impeccable finishes.

The lacquered kitchen can be brilliant mirror effect, the most used, or matte, satin, colored, tinted... The lacquered kitchen furniture is available in multiple colors to fit all decorations.

The plus and minus of the lacquered kitchen

Lacquered kitchen furniture allows all styles. At least, they offer a wide range of colors. In black or white, the kitchen is sober and elegant; colorful, it is a piece of conviviality, well-being and good mood!

However, furniture in lacquered panels has some disadvantages. Before purchase, remember to check that the lacquer vaporized is resistant to scratches, UV, thermal shock, aging, household products... Otherwise, unfortunately, your kitchen furniture may quickly deteriorate. On the other hand, for their maintenance, lacquered panels require special care. Avoid abrasive sponges and any product that could alter the lacquer. Last thing: the price. The lacquered kitchens are more expensive than traditional kitchens or wooden kitchens.

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