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The kitchen styles are multiple and the possibilities of equipment and layout just as varied. Mix of conformity, respect for tradition and authenticity, rustic style cuisine is still at the heart of many homes. Think "rustic" and you'll be able to see dark, unadorned furniture, subdued lighting and a red checkered tablecloth. The reality is quite different.

Rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens

What does a rustic kitchen look like?

Far from conventional wisdom, rustic cuisine is not just a country kitchen. It can be perfectly equipped, functionally designed and synonymous with quality. In a rustic kitchen, we often find the following characteristics:

  • The materials

Beams and furniture in solid wood, brick, tiles, stone and tomette on the floor or on the walls, these are the materials found in a rustic style kitchen.

  • The colour

Often portrayed by dark kitchen elements, the rustic kitchen also gives pride of place to warm, warm tones: ivory paint and honey-hued furniture. Bright or modern notes can also be found here and there like gray, green anise or burgundy.

If the rustic kitchen is accessible at any price, gas hobs, state-of-the-art kitchen piano are also equipment that is not uncommon to find in high-end rustic kitchens.

Rustic cuisine between assumed tradition and makeover

The rustic kitchen can be a choice, whether it is the kitchen already in place in your home or the style for which you have chosen during your renovation. But maybe you've decided to separate or modernize it. In that case the options are many.

  • Refresh your rustic kitchen with paint, varnish or stain on wood or tiles
  • Integrate contemporary materials associated with modernity: concrete, steel, aluminum for example
  • Renew your appliances
  • Change your lighting
  • Replace your work plan
  • Add storage space, optimize your closets, install a center island or a spice rack

If you want to install a rustic kitchen or modernize an existing kitchen, do not hesitate to contact a professional. It will help you make your choice through the development of a plan and highlighting your desires and habits.

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