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For authentic, warm and friendly cuisine: solid wood is the material you need. Focus on the kitchens of yesteryear, those of our grandparents, traditional wooden kitchens.

Traditional wooden kitchens

Traditional wooden kitchens

What is a traditional wooden kitchen?

A traditional wooden kitchen is fitted with fully equipped kitchen furniture solid wood or with only veneers made of solid wood planks. In the traditional wooden kitchen, the wood retains its natural aesthetics with its apparent veins, hues and shades that differ. The wood is still worked, and takes advantage of finishes with a patina or a transparent lacquer which does not spoil anything to its appearance.

The essences to favor in traditional cooking

In a traditional wooden kitchen, we often meet...

  • The Oak, the most used wood species for kitchen furniture construction, furniture veneer and doors. Its more? His resistance, essential in a kitchen. The oak has a warm hue that varies between yellow and brown.
  • The chestnut, similar to oak, which enjoys a warm appearance with a hue between tawny yellow and light brown.
  • Maple which is appreciated for its light shade, between white and light brown.
  • alder, an essence of wood that is characterized as soft, fine grain. Its hue varies between gray and reddish brown.

Other wood species are also used such as ash, birch, fir, walnut or pine.

What are the characteristics of a traditional wooden kitchen?

Traditional wooden kitchens are characterized by a rustic style which makes us travel back in time and sends us back into authentic cuisines of our grandparents. The traditional wood, imbued with the charm of yesteryear, brings a touch of character to the room for a warm and friendly cuisine.

Traditional wood offers more

  • The simplicity of maintenance: wood is a coating that cleans easily, especially when it benefits from finishes with a patina or a lacquer resistant.
  • Great resistance and a big robustness.

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