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All about wall credence

The wall credence is a protection placed on the wall, between the worktop and any high elements of the kitchen. It prevents splashes of water, grease or food on the wall. The credence can also be used to hang kitchen utensils. As aesthetic as practical, it offers a wide choice in terms of materials, decoration, but also accessories.

The classic materials of credence

The metarious for a mural crrédence

In laminate, stainless steel, paint or tiling, classic credenzas are available in different materials. The laminate is a stack of resin impregnated kraft paper sheets covered with a decorative sheet, also protected by a resin. Robust and easy to maintain, the laminate can be installed in one piece, but it can not be installed behind a hob. As for stainless steel, it is particularly appreciated for its modern design and irreproachable hygiene. In addition, it is virtually indestructible and easily combines with all other materials.

The tiling is practical and functional, it is easy to clean and allows all the decorative fantasies. Only downside, joints difficult to maintain. Finally, the painting allows for a personal credence at a lower cost and quick to install. Attention, here the painting must be washable and anti condensation without it, it will be impossible to maintain it. If "glycero" paints are the most suitable, there are also leachable acrylic paints, with a protective film that prevents grease stains from penetrating.

Credentials using original materials

Credenza in original materials

In addition to traditional materials, it is now possible to create an original credenza. For example, blackboard coatings, whiteboards or a magnetic credenza with aluminum cladding stand out in the kitchen. There are also safe, transparent, colorful, mirrored or backlit glass credenza that adds a certain cachet to the kitchen. Moreover, the credence can be made of plaster, an economical and sustainable solution that is not less decorative than the others. However, they attract dust and are difficult to clean. In addition, the credenza zeolite or acrylic imitate the glass and maintain themselves easily. Finally, if your kitchen displays particular dimensions do not hesitate to make your bespoke credence for example granite or quartz, to obtain a result as aesthetic as possible.

Finally, there is a wide range of accessories to decorate wall credence as hanging bars for hanging kitchen utensils or a bar magnet to hang knives. Be careful not to overload your credence.

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