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Building a beautiful house on the coast is a dream that has a price. Indeed, construction sites with sea views are highly coveted, and this investment also involves constraints not to be overlooked. Here are some tips before building a house enjoying a beautiful view of the sea...

Building land with sea views

Building land with sea views

Announcement: "Building land on the coast"

This type of panel is very attractive, but let us analyze more closely what this type of ad conceals. From the outset, it should be emphasized that parcels benefiting from beautiful location with sea views are usually sold at a golden price. And the prices are even more important in the most coveted regions like the Côte d'Azur but also the Côte Fleurie in Normandy, where cities like Deauville and Trouville have become very touristy. Rates are more reasonable on the side Breton coasts or Pas-de-Calais for example.

Regardless of the region in which you will acquire land, you should know that this parcel of land will have specific characteristics not to neglect.

How to know if a land with sea view is interesting?

There are a number of things to consider if a building plot with a sea view is worthy of interest or not. To enjoy a beautiful view, you must of course opt for a plot that is close to the coast, which implies some specificities and constraints.

First, it must be ensured that the land is not in a risk zone or in a flood zone. If the plot is located at a certain distance from the sea, it is strongly recommended to analyze the PPRN or Natural Risk Prevention Plan. In this document it can be checked whether the land is in a flood zone or exposed to other hazards such as settlements or landslides.

To ensure this, it is recommended to obtain a PLU or local planning plan and the planning certificate. In addition, the land by the sea is often generally sloping (essential to enjoy a beautiful view), with the constraints that this implies (embankment, leveling, earthworks...). Finally, it is recommended to learn about the viability of the land and the connection to the various networks.

Other important data on seaside land

It is also wise to observe the vegetation. If we find the presence of trees specific to wetlands, this implies the proximity of an underground water table. In this case, cutting trees (to install a pool for example) could cause a rise in water level. To obtain a maximum of information on the quality of the ground, it is preferable to order a geotechnical study by an expert in order to make a diagnosis of the nature of the soil and the subsoil.

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