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The land developer is an emblematic figure of land use planning. Between real estate and construction, return on the vast domain of expertise of the land developer.

What is a land developer?

The promoter is a professional real estate buyer for the development of a property for future resale. The land developer specializes in the purchase and resale of construction land. More precisely: he buys vacant land, improves it by bringing all the infrastructures necessary for the construction such as streets or sewers, then sells them in whole or in parcels.

In other words, the land developer is the person:

  • originallya construction program, such as a subdivision,
  • who decides on land development and who supervises the building owners,
  • and who deals with the marketing.

The expertise of the land developer

The developer is a real estate professional but his expertise is broader. He has perfect knowledge:

  • the availability of land: he knows perfectly the state of the market, and the state of supply
  • the scale of the demand: to meet this demand, it has an expertise of the demand available on the market. Demand, like supply, is also what will define the launch of a new construction program or not.
  • modalities and funding opportunities offered for the launch of a construction program
  • regulatory aspects and all administrative proceduresIt is he who deals with the administrative, legal and financial aspects of a draft construction program.

What is the role of the land developer?

The land developer, like the real estate developer in his field, plays an intermediary role. He is the main intermediary between:

  • the financiers, mainly the banks,
  • project managers and project owners who deal with land preparation and land development,
  • the regulatory authorities and the town halls of the municipalities concerned,
  • and future buyers

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