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Want to build a nice house in the mountains, a wooden chalet for example. The choice of land is then essential and must take into account multiple parameters: specificities of the ground, location, work to be envisaged, slope of the ground, budget... Nothing should be left to chance to concretize this project in all serenity.

Mountain construction sites

Mountain construction sites

Particularities of mountain terrain

The decision to buy a building site in the mountains is not trivial. It is indeed a rather complex location because of the nature of the soil, climate (snow, frost...) or a possible slope. For avoid unpleasant surprises, the ideal is to choose a land subdivision already serviced. Nevertheless, it remains possible to opt for an isolated plotbut then you have to be vigilant. Here are a few tips…

Sloping land

A mountain terrain is usually sloping, which implies some constraints not to neglect. In particular, care must be taken when digging the foundations, the basement and the sub-structure to ensure a permanent stability of the house. Various works are generally needed such as embankment, earthworks or the support, which implies additional costs at the time of construction.

Nature of the soil and landslide

Before buying a construction site in the mountains, another criterion must be taken into account: the nature of the soil. In particular, it is necessary to check the presence of rocks that will require the use of a breaker. Do not hesitate to analyze the soil by asking for a geotechnical study carried out by an expert to be reassured. Moreover, as far as the risk of landslides, you have to check with the town hall or go directly to the DDE (Departmental Direction of Equipment).

The aesthetics of the house or cottage

Attention, in some mountain areas, it is necessary to respect the principle of harmonization of constructions. New construction must conform to the appearance of towns, hamlets and neighboring villages. It should be noted, however, that there are still measures to go beyond this principle, including the establishment of an NA zone or future urbanization zone. Here again, it is essential to check with the town hall before buying the land and begin construction.

What price for mountain terrain?

The region where the land is located greatly affects its price. But besides the price per m², the work to be done and the nature of the terrain also have an impact: Is it a serviced land? Is it accessible by construction machinery? Is the terrain sloping?

Before any purchase, it is recommended to perform a soil diagnosis and to plan the budget works not only of the house but also of the preparation of the ground.

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