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The door latch has a very simple operating system and is easy to install. Even if it does not provide the security of a multi-point lock, it can strengthen it and also preserve your privacy. Whether it's wood, chrome or wrought iron, it's up to you to find the door latch that's right for you.

What is a door latch?

The door latch is a small metal piece that sits on the door and the door jamb to close the door from the inside. It consists of a movable rod that is placed in a stirrup or rod and a metal part attached to the door frame and which serves to lock the rod. To lock or unlock the door, simply lift the rod and slide it into the caliper. Considered as another locking system, the latch does not provide the security that can get you a multi-point or biometric lock.

The advantages of the door latch

The door latch has significant advantages and fits perfectly inside your home. Very easy to install, the door latch requires little tools and little DIY skills.
Its ease of handling and its small footprint make it a very discreet locksmith element that can be installed on all doors or windows. The door latch, just like the lock, is used to preserve privacy a place such as a bathroom or toilet and sometimes comes in addition to a lock on a front door. The door latch also has the advantage of being very cheap. Count between 3 and 15 euros for a door latch from first price to high-end.

The different types of door latches

It exists on the market two major types of door latches.

The rocker latch is the most basic and cheapest of the market. It consists of a small rod that you will come to tilt to lock and unlock the door. There are different types, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The thumb latch is action, meanwhile, by a push system and rises a little in the price range. The door latch is also considered as a decorative element. So you can choose steel, wood, aluminum, chrome or wrought iron. For more stylized latches, you will need a metal worker to make your custom latch.

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