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The lawn is both a setting that highlights the garden plantations and a living area for children and adults. To ensure this dual function, regular mowing is necessary.

techniques for mowing the lawn

Why mow?

Mowing forces grasses to grow thick, making them denser and thicker. It eliminates the weeds that are exhausted wanting to bloom without achieving it.
With the exception, however, of rosette plants (dandelion, plantain, daisy), which bloom under the cutting line!

The right method to mow

Make the first cut by mowing a third of the height of the grasses. Then just two cross passages with the roller to tamp the ground. This promotes the spreading of tufts.
Do not let weeds grow. If they are few, tear them by hand or with an asparagus gouge. Otherwise, use a weed killer.
Fertilize the lawn by spreading well-decomposed compost or lawn fertilizer.
Rake to penetrate the fertilizer between the blades of grass and water in fine rain.
If the grass is sparse in places, scratch the soil, pack it and sow again. Use the same mixture to avoid color differences or re-grinding turf.

Choose your lawn mower

Mowing is a repetitive action, at least weekly, to keep the lawn in its best condition. As much choosing the right mower...
The width of the blade depends on the surface to be mowed.
As for the motorization, it is better to opt for electricity, from a battery or a power supply, quieter and less polluting. In this case, the main disadvantage is the wire (and its extension) that must be moved and maintained constantly while mowing.
The gasoline engine is reserved for large stores.

use a trimmer instead of a trimmer

For the edge of the massifs, the edgers take over the mower.

Mow in what way?

mowing technique for a beautiful lawn

You have to be organized to pass the mower.
Start by making the outer edges, to be more comfortable to handle the mower without scalping the beds.
Then attack the grass by working in a straight line on the longest axis of the lawn.
Next time, work on a perpendicular axis to cross the cuts. The grasses will be more vertical and the aesthetics will be more pleasant.

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