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Install glued parquet

Glued parquet is one of the classic ways to lay parquet. Like floating floors, it can be laid on old flooring such as tiles or PVC flooring. Even if this pose does not require an important know-how, it is nevertheless necessary to respect certain instructions and to advance patiently and methodically.

Difficulty level


Tools and materials needed

Spirit level
Vinyl glue for rough parquet and solvent cement for varnished parquet
Double meter
Notched spatula
Patch cement
8 mm wooden wedges
Mason Rule
90 degree angle

Step1: preparing the support

The floor must be perfectly clean, smooth and flat.
If this is not the case, apply a smoothing compound to the smoothing machine, let it dry for 24 hours then sand it with a pumice stone which will help the adhesion of the glue.
Before installation, keep at least 48 hours the floor in the room where it will be placed, while leaving it in its packaging. It will thus acclimatize to the conditions of the ambient air.

Step 2: laying parquet

With the ruler and chalk line; draw on the floor two perpendicular lines to divide your room into 4 work areas to can equal loan

Install glued parquet: parquet

Start at the center of the room and choose one of the areas so that you do not have to walk to one of the glued areas when you leave the room.
With the notched spatula, carefully glue a small surface of about 1 m², put the first floor tile and gently tap it with the mallet so that it adheres well to the floor.
Then slide the second tile next to it and put it in the first one. To snug them together, gently tap the mallet on the side of the second tile or use a wooden martyr that will prevent you from damaging your tiles

Install glued parquet: glued parquet

Make expansion joints along the walls by placing wooden calluses between the wall and the floorboards.
If certain angles are complex and the floorboards are not the right size, correct the shot by cutting them to the desired measurements with a handsaw.

Step 3: the finishes

Wait at least 3 days after laying the parquet, to start the finishes
You can then sand, varnish or vitrify your floor.
Finally, you can put skirting boards in place.

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