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I have a house with a mezzanine. For now, the roof is insulated with 8 cm of glass wool between the rafters and 20 cm of glass wool between the beams with a vapor barrier. I fixed the lines to the rafters that I let exceed 22cm. On these lines I clipped rails (M48) that hold the glass wool. I also fixed cleats on these rails because I want to put paneling on the ceiling. Is it necessary to install a plastic film (polyane) on my cleats before laying the burglar (as recommended) to "seal" and better insulate the roof?

To the description of the pose already carried out, it seems that all the arrangements have already been made to ensure a normal and permanent operation of the whole roofing, insulation and ceiling. Add a plastic film between the cleats and the paneling would not bring anything, and could even generate condensation in extreme situations.

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