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We have a house from the 1930s. We want to completely redo the bathroom. The floor is a wooden floor. We want to put a tile. What are the different steps to put it on? Besides, is it recommended to put tiling on a wooden floor? If not, what is it recommended? Another question is, should you tile the walls around the bathtub or are there waterproof paints?

If your floor does not have holes or excessive flatness differences you can sand it, clean it, plug the cracks and cracks too important before applying your primer and a glass lattice to unify glue on your floor. If the floor is very damaged prefer to perform a rearrangement before laying your tiling.

Tiling around the bathtub is not absolutely mandatory but strongly recommended. You can however apply a resin or a lacquer on your walls the application of a special paint for bathroom that can suffice.

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