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Can you tile a terrace with 15 x 90 cm imitation wood tiles on a 18 mx 3.5 m deck tile without expansion joint? The latter is against the house but is not attached to it. In addition, it is cracked in three places (cracks of less than 1 mm) over the width of 3.5 m. The slab is 3 years old, 12 cm thick and placed on embankments. The evolution of the cracks no longer seems to be growing. Tiling will be staggered so it's difficult to make expansion joints in either direction. How to avoid cracks on the tiles?

The DTU (Unified Technical Document) specifies that an expansion joint must be put in place at the time of pouring the slab every 20 to 30 m2. The slab is more than 60 m2 it is not surprising that it has cracked. It is possible that she continues to "move". There is no guarantee that the tiles will not crack if the slab remains unstable. It would be good to ask witnesses to make sure that the slab does not continue to crack. For safety, it should be placed on a wooden deck or composite or a paving on plots.

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