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We are currently building a house and we have several questions. It is soon the end of the work and we are in charge of several things including laying the ground. We ask ourselves the following question: how to put a lino on the floor? There is no pouring screed, it's just a concrete slab (floor). The floor is not in bad condition but it is not smooth either there is a little plaster on the ground. We do not want to pour a screed. How can we do? Is there a trick?

I might wonder why you do not want to pour a screed... Nevertheless, in this case, you can at least apply a mortar of patching (see the sheet RAGREAGE SOIL AND PARQUETS) which spreads simply to the trowel and will "erase" the biggest irregularities. Even simpler, you can put on the ground a sub-layer of sound insulation or choose a very thick plastic coating...

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