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I have a tiled terrace, which is sheltered by a patio. I enlarged this terrace and this part that is not sheltered, is not tiled but just has a cement slab to make the continuity of the slope. I just want to cover it with large blue stone garden tiles without sand or glue and without joints, so that it gives it an old terrace look, can I do, given the thickness of each slab it should not do not move! or do I do something stupid?

To pose slabs without any fixation, moreover on a sloping area seems to me hardly possible. In the long run, the slabs will inevitably slip, move, because subjected to repeated passages and bad weather. In addition, if your slab is rough and irregular the pressure on the slabs will not be uniform. The slabs will risk to "box" and it will result in cracks, some slabs can even break. It seems to me preferable to stick your slabs or, if necessary, if the slabs are very thick and therefore very heavy, to put them on a bed of sand, the joints can be made with a polymerizing sand, which you will find, for example, all the useful information on the website of TECHNISEAL.

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