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Leaks under a sink can come from the tightness of the faucet, piping or an damaged part. Each case being different, the origin of the leak determines the solution to adopt. Find in this article the possible solutions to stop a leak under a sink.

Leaks under a sink

Leaks under a sink

Leaks under a sink? Cut the water on the spot

Regardless the origin of the water leak (Although it seems minimal), it must be repaired immediately in order not to cause significant water damage. The first thing to do here is to cut the water supply to the house to temporarily stop the leak of your sink.

Under sink leaks: loose connection bolts?

A leak under a sink can be quickly solved when it originates in the simple loosening of the connecting bolts (found between the water inlet pipes and the faucet). Then just tighten them to end the leak.

Leaks under a sink: joints in poor condition?

If tightening the bolts is not enough to stop the leak under the sink, then it is necessary to disassemble the connections. You will be able to check the condition of the joints. When they are damaged, it is then necessary to replace them to solve the problem.

Leaks from siphon sink?

A leak under a sink can also come from the siphon. The water then flows through the latter and is therefore easily identifiable. Generally, a leaking siphon is simply dirty or damaged. You can then disassemble it, clean it and / or change its seal (if it is damaged).

Putty, miracle solution against sink leaks

When you are unable to stop the leak under your sink, even after you have applied the three solutions mentioned above, it may be useful to buy a special sealant, which is particularly effective in regulating light leaks (water flows through connections or pipes).

Leaks without solution? Call a plumber...

When, despite all your efforts, the leak continues to grow under your sink, there is no need to worry about the risk of further aggravating the situation. It is then time to speak to a professional plumber. No doubt he will perfectly repair the sink or replace the defective parts.

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