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All about brushcutters

The brushcutter is an all-terrain machine, essential for the maintenance of a large garden. It clears bushes and groves, mows tall grasses and brambles, clears ditches, and helps you keep the ground perfectly clear. Gasoline or electric, to carry or push, with or without accessories, here are some tips to choose a brushcutter adapted to your use.

How does a brush cutter work?

Unlike conventional lawn mowers, the brush cutter is very versatile. It is used on grassy slopes as well as undergrowth and undergrowth. Portable models, also called electric weeders consist of a motor located at the back of a long handle (the shaft) with handles or double handlebars. At the end of the shaft is the cutting head, made of steel or nylon. Brushcutters have the appearance of a lawnmower, but have more powerful blades and motor.

Which brush cutter for which purpose?

Which brush cutter for which purpose?

Electric portable brushcutters are used for small weeding near homes or along fences. To overcome brambles, it is necessary to provide a minimum power of 1000 W. To weed more isolated areas, it will then invest in a thermal model of small capacity: less than 30 cm3. On the other hand, to mow coppices, bushes or thick brambles, a more powerful brushcutter becomes indispensable. Note that portable thermals require for their operation, fuel and oil and that their weight can reach 7 to 8 kg.

Mower-trimmers are designed for tall, well-supplied vegetation. Most of them have a 4-stroke gasoline engine from 160 to 190 cm3. Their driving can be done with a handlebar or a handle system, identical to that of conventional lawnmowers. Finally for rough terrain, handlebar brake systems are recommended.

Brushcutter accessories

Portable brushcutters often have two interchangeable heads. For example, nylon wire cutting systems are used for mowing grass and fine grasses. Those with "knives" or steel blades are used for intensive cleaning of tall grass, coppices and brambles. There are also accessories for carrying electric brushcutters such as straps or harnesses. Namely that a harness is essential to preserve his back. Similarly, a double handlebars is appreciated on difficult or extensive terrain. Finally, safety accessories such as wearing a visor helmet, an anti-noise helmet, and boots or shoes are essential.

Before using your brushcutter for the first time, do not forget to read the instructions for the appliance carefully and carefully follow the manufacturer's recommendations and care instructions.

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