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Professionals today use welding masks full of technology: sensors, LED screens, adjustment devices to adapt the helmet to the welder and the type of welding...

Welder mask

These powerful protections are the legacy of an evolution that begins in 1881, when the electric arc welding (with carbon electrodes) is developed by the Russian Nikolay Benardos and the Polish Stanislaw Olszewski. In 1900, metal electrodes replaced those of carbon and the acetylene torch was developed, opening the door to new types of welding.

This progress is linked to the industrial revolution and the increasing use of metals in buildings and transport (boats, trains and cars). The first protective glasses appear in the nineteenth century: simple thick glasses and a leather frame constitute them. During the two world wars, more complete protections, always in leather, are developed. The first welding helmet seems to have been released by the Wilson company in the United States in 1937.

From 1945, the protection of welders progresses at the same time as welding processes and all major firms (Varan, Sodisarc...) combine the two. Tempered glass, carbon fiber and assisted ventilation systems minimize the risk of accidents.

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