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All about wallpapers

Brought up to date by designers, wallpapers become "trendy" and meet with great success. Floral print, classic, with geometric shapes, 3D effects, black and white or colorful, discreet or loaded, this coating lends itself to all fantasies and today benefits from technological advances that greatly facilitate its installation.

The different qualities of paper.

All about wallpapers: wallpapers

There are several qualities of wallpaper to choose according to the state of the support, the room and the desired aesthetic rendering. The traditional wallpaper, without vinyl, settles in the dry rooms like the rooms, the corridors or the stays. Cheap, it remains fragile.

Flat vinyl, on paper or non-woven, is covered with a thin layer of PVC. It is a very resistant paper especially in the face of scratches, small shocks, ideal for the parts to passage. In addition, it supports moisture. Washable, washable or even brushable, it is recommended for wet rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, or kitchens. Embossed expanded vinyl, on paper or non-woven, has a relief effect obtained during manufacture by heating a layer of PVC on the surface of the paper. More or less thick, it has the advantage of masking the imperfections of the support.

Scope or VER paper is an expanded paper, on paper or non-woven, specially designed for wet rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Finally, the 100% non-woven wallpaper is obtained by an assembly on a vinyl of textile fibers arranged in webs. Matter soft to the touch, it has a grammage which destines it to the damaged or irregular walls. The thicker the weight, the more imperfections are hidden.

The criteria of choice.

The state of the support intended to receive the wallpaper is essential in the choice of the latter. For damaged walls, non-woven and expanded vinyl papers will be preferred, while those in good condition are suitable. The destination of the part must also be taken into account. Waterproof papers will be suitable for water rooms, while vinyl papers are recommended for heavy-duty rooms. Another essential criterion, the aesthetics of paper, to choose according to your desires. At the time of purchase, ensure that all rolls come from the same bath, ie the same batch (the number is usually on the label).

The symbols of the wallpaper.

When choosing a wallpaper, it is strongly recommended to look at the symbols on the packaging. Indeed, they give valuable information on their performance.

All about wallpapers: non-woven

In addition, with the order of 21 November 2002 on the reaction to fire of building and construction products, it was decided that 100% cellulosic wallpapers and vinyls on non-insulating paper less than 200 g / m², are classified M1. In principle, other soft coatings are at best M2 class. Since 1 January 2011, new wallpaper productions have been awarded a CE label which guarantees production in compliance with European standards for fire reaction and emissions of dangerous substances.

Finally, there are wallpapers to paint, smooth, embossed or expanded to quickly refresh a room with damaged walls.

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