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Learn to define your needs before the work

Renovating, building, or expanding one's habitat is sometimes an obstacle course. To avoid unpleasant surprises and to get the most appropriate answers from professionals, DuitDesign offers some ways to help you define your needs and expectations.

Learn to define your needs before the work: your

Any project that costs time and money should not be done lightly and without a good analysis of the situation on your part. Whether it is to change a window or redo a roof, it is essential to ask the right questions and know precisely the nature of the changes that you want to make in your home. To clearly communicate your expectations to the artisans before you even meet them, you must provide them with valuable information that will guide them in their efforts and proposals.

Whatever type of work you want to do, you have to know exactly what you want. You will then determine which craftsmen are the most qualified to respond to your request. To remake the entire bathroom, a plumber will not be enough, the intervention of a tiler and a mason will also be necessary, although some craftsmen are versatile. To avoid being caught off guard in the middle of the construction site, remember to list all the professionals you may need.

A successful request

Learn to define your needs before the work: work

Before starting anything, it is important to establish an accurate record of the current situation. For this, a large number of criteria must be taken into account.

In case of renovation, to note the state of the materials or installations is the first thing to do. Know that it is not always necessary to replace all of your equipment. Do not forget to count the number of square meters you want to renovate or add, if necessary, the ceiling height and the number of windows, information that can be useful for painting work. In addition to this, there are the installation constraints as well as the floor on which the future building site is located, knowing that for some works, the higher the floor, the higher the cost of the operation.

A planned budget and schedule

Learn to define your needs before the work: learn

Important question, the evaluation of the financial envelope. You will establish a budget according to the finances that you wish to devote to your work, while envisaging an additional margin for the unforeseen, almost inevitable. Based on these financial criteria you will already have an idea of ​​the style of materials you will use and the type of craftsman you will be using.

To be well organized, a chronological planning of the site is essential. We must therefore determine in advance the deadlines left to the craftsman, that is to say, the beginning and the end of the work.

Always at the chronological level, it is important to list work according to the logic in order to establish priorities and, if necessary, to start with the most urgent. For a major project, with several speakers, it is essential to formally confirm your expectations in writing.

To go further in your preparation, go in the continuation of our file or we will see the points to be studied according to the work undertaken.

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