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Every autumn marks the return of winter temperatures and therefore, the restarting of the heaters. Concerning the restarting of a collective heating in a joint ownership, a particular regulation applies.

Regulation for restarting collective heating

With regard to the regulation for restarting a collective heating system in a co-ownership, there is no date fixed by law.
Only minimum and maximum temperatures in dwellings must in principle be respected. It is the article R111-6 of the Code of the construction and the house which determines the legal temperature thresholds to respect within the housing of a joint ownership.

Thus, the minimum temperature of an apartment must be 18 degrees. And the maximum temperature is, for its part, fixed at 19 degrees. However, it is rare that this maximum threshold is not exceeded, because within the same building, temperature differences are generally high.

Who sets the date of restarting the collective heating?

In the absence of legal regulation, it is up to the trustee of the co-ownership to decide on the date of restarting the collective heating.

The date of restarting set by the trustee should normally appear in the maintenance contract entered into with the heating engineer of the co-ownership. But this one is likely to vary from one year to another, especially when the contract between the condominium and the heating specialist mentions it. Thus, the contract may contain a clause authorizing the trustee to ask the heating engineer to intervene earlier than planned to proceed with the restarting of the collective heating, and this according to the weather and the evolution of temperatures.

In addition, if as a co-owner you feel that it is necessary to advance the date of restarting the heating collective and to modify the existing contract, you must apply to your trustee. The trustee will then be responsible for putting this subject on the agenda of the next general meeting of co-ownership, in order to seek the opinion of the other inhabitants of the condominium.

If your request to the other co-owners does not obtain a favorable outcome and the temperature of your home seems too low, you can then acquirean auxiliary radiator while waiting for the restart of the collective heating.