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The installation of a domestic wind turbine is not an innocuous act and requires certain prerequisites. Although the legislation is still relatively vague, it provides for compliance with certain rules. Focus on the steps to follow to set up a wind turbine for the individual.

Legislation on domestic wind turbines

Legislation on domestic wind turbines

Declaration of work or building permit for my domestic wind turbine?

The building permit is obligatory for the installation of any domestic wind turbine whose mast is greater than 12 meters height. If the energy is for household consumption, you must make this request to your town hall. If, on the other hand, it is intended to be sold to an electricity supplier, then you must contact the prefecture of your department.

For domestic wind turbines smaller, a simple declaration of work in the town hall is enough.

In all cases, it is advisable, before any request, to assure you with your town hall that you are well in eligible area for the installation of a wind turbine for particular. Indeed, it is prohibited by some PLU (Local Planning Plans), and in protected areas and classified "historical monuments" for example.

Neighborhood information near my wind turbine

Informing your neighbors of your project is then an essential step to implement a domestic wind turbine, firstly because a neighborhood inquiry is requested for the granting of the building permit, and other because some residents consider this kind of installation as a nuisance visual and sound.

To obtain the maximum of membership, it is advisable to consult close entourage of your home, within a radius of about 500 meters, and to communicate upstream about your project in its various aspects: choice of precise location, acoustic assessment, impact on wildlife (birds)... and of course the benefits of wind energy.

Connection to the electricity network of my wind turbine

Finally, in case you wish sell all or part of the energy produced by your domestic wind turbine, you must inquire to get authorization to connect to the network electric, supported by EDF for urban areas and your electrification union for rural areas. This request, made by mail to your town hall, may be operated in parallel to that for the building permit or the filing of the declaration of work.

However, this approach is tedious and time consuming (about a year), it is advisable to be accompanied by a professional. Indeed, it will study and implement the best solutions for setting up your wind turbine for individuals, even outside the ZDE (Wind Development Zone, not covered by EDF's purchase of electricity), and at a lower cost.

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