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Level a concrete slab

If your concrete floor is not completely level, you can easily rectify it by leveling your concrete slabs.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Cement mortar.
A coating of filling.
Self smoothing mortar.
A trowel.
A trowel.
A trough.
A brush.
A brush.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

With an old wet brush, moisten cracks and holes to prevent concrete from absorbing water when mixing mortar.

Step 2: Fill in the holes and cracks.

With the trowel, seal the holes and cracks by applying cement mortar. If they are small, a filling plaster will suffice amply.
Smooth all with the trowel and let dry.
Once the floor is dry, moisten it with a brush.

Step 3: apply the patching mortar

This step must be done quickly because the mortar takes in fifteen minutes.

Starting from one of the corners of the bottom of the room, spread the mortar (which you have previously put in a trough) about 5 mm thick. Gradually pour your mortar on the ground so that it spreads evenly.
Immediately begin the smoothing work with the trowel by making movements in an arc. You must be fast and efficient in this step because the mortar dries very quickly. If after a few minutes you notice some marks in some areas of your smoothing, spray some water on it and start straightening again.

Level a concrete slab: level

Let it dry and wait half a day before walking on your floor, and 48 hours before working on it.

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